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“F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life and Death in Paradise” – Winner: Best Storytelling Show Award, 2017 NOHO Fringe Festival. The time-honored adage “truth is stranger than fiction,” plays out in our lives every day. That rings even scarily more true for Miami born, long-time Los Angeles writer/actor Keith Blaney. A day at the beach is the place to drink in all the messy, uncomfortable, crazy, stupid, sticky, tropical details, in the 2018 HFF premiere of his solo show: “F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life and Death in Paradise.” Amazing, live musical accompaniment by Nikki Kelly –

Written and performed by Keith Blaney. Directed by Marjorie LeWit. 5 performances at The Black Box at The Broadwater. Produced by Building D.




SUNDAY JUNE 03 2018, 2:00 PM | 75 MINS

The Broadwater (Black Box) 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. mapTickets go on sale May 01, 2018

SATURDAY JUNE 09 2018, 9:00 PM | 75 MINS

The Broadwater (Black Box) 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. mapTickets go on sale May 01, 2018

THURSDAY JUNE 14 2018, 10:30 PM | 75 MINS

The Broadwater (Black Box) 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. mapTickets go on sale May 01, 2018

SATURDAY JUNE 16 2018, 2:00 PM | 75 MINS

The Broadwater (Black Box) 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. mapTickets go on sale May 01, 2018

THURSDAY JUNE 21 2018, 8:00 PM | 75 MINS

The Broadwater (Black Box) 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. mapTickets go on sale May 01, 2018

True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise

Craving new stories about SWAT teams, crayons, and pole dancing in Miami? I get it. Unfold a beach chair, pop open a cold one, and drink them all in… with even more absurd, true stories told by me, Keith Blaney.


Keith Blaney


Born and raised in Miami, Florida – Keith received his degree in theatre from Florida State University and went on to a post-graduate acting internship at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been acting on stage, screen, and television for over 25 years as well as developing, writing, and performing a wide range of projects and solo performances, from years of sketch comedy to a critically acclaimed run of Wallace Shawn’s politically charged monologue, “The Fever” at Area Stage on South Beach. 

His most recent television appearances include episodes of “Fargo,” “Future Man” and “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories.” See more of his work at:

Locally, Keith’s work on stage includes critical acclaim in the Los Angeles premiere of “The Lepers of Baile Baiste” at the Celtic Arts Center. He’s also very proud of his work as Nurse RU486 in “Hollywood Hellhouse” at the Steve Allen Theater. Last year, he wrapped up his critically acclaimed dual-role turn in The Next Arena’s world premiere production of “Vonnegut USA” as well as performing with Firesign Theatre co-founder Phil Proctor in the SAG-AFTRA Radio Plays production of “An Evening with The Firesign Theatre, or Something Like It.”

Along with developing screenplays with his writing partners Charlotte Glover and Adam Libarkin, today he is a happy veteran of several different local storytelling venues, including LA’s longest-running spoken word forum, Sit ‘N Spin at the Comedy Central Stage. His story “Crayons” was published by Phoenix Books in “Dirty Laundry,” an anthology of Sit ‘N Spin stories.

Nikki Kelly


Nikki Kelly is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, releasing her first self titled record “Nikki Kelly” in 2008, and the “I know Huh” EP in 2013, her third record is currently scheduled for early 2018.  Band members include Cory Tramontelli (bass) Christophe Zajac-Denek (percussion) and Amanda Sasser on backing vocals. Hear more at:

Marjorie LeWit

A writer/director & the Associate Artistic Director of Defiance Theatre Company where she directed the World Premiere of Group: PTSD stories. Marjorie recently directed the music video Jane Eyre for the 2017 Kleban Award winner 

Daniel Zaitchik and the short documentary Inner Warrior, which meets victims of trauma and PTSD. In 2016, she directed an award winning short called Stronger Than Pretty. Marjorie graduated with a BFA from Pace University NYC.

For more about Marjorie and her work, please visit:

Special Thanks Thanks in every possible way to Defiance Theatre Company for co-producing the premiere two evening mini-run of F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise in October 2017 at the NOHO Acme Comedy Theatre – part of the 2017 NOHO Fringe Festival. I'm very proud of the Best Storytelling Show Award for NOHO Fringe our show was awarded. I am forever grateful. I urge everyone to click the link to Defiance's website and go see one of their shows very soon. Thanks, Defiance...

Thanks, and more thanks to...

...Charlotte Glover, Adam Libarkin, Spencer Green, Tom O’Connor, 

Eric Schwartz, Joe Trupiano, Quixote Studios, Pablo Marz & Tell It, Mike Benitez, John Franceschina, David Marko and Marko & Magolnick, P.A., Dave Wolthoff, Jaclyn Lafer, C. Brian Smith, Jill Soloway, Paul Stein and the entire crew at The Comedy Central Stage, Paul Storiale, Brian Allman, Lesley Gouger, Defiance Theatre Company, ACME Comedy Theatre, NOHO Fringe Festival, The Next Arena, The Miami Dolphins, The Betsy Hotel – Miami Beach, Jim Vallely, Maggie Rowe (whose infinite encouragement and long-time stewardship of Sit ‘N Spin means more to me than I can ever properly put into words), Sacred Fools Theatre Company, The Broadwater, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Nikki Kelly, Keith + Louie, Peter + Clark, and… Marjorie LeWit: an infinitely creative and extraordinarily talented theatre professional, and supreme human being, I can only thank my lucky stars I get to call my friend. 

Thanks, Marjorie. None of this happens without you. 

Press Release


Press Contact 

Keith Blaney 

F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise at the Hollywood Fringe Festival


Hollywood, CA, May 4, 2018. Building D Productions is proud to present Keith Blaney in his solo, multi-media, comedy show, “F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise,” **WINNER: Best Storytelling Show Award, NoHo Fringe Festival, 2017** Opens June 3, at The Broadwater - 6322 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

In a coco-nut-shell, F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise is…me, Keith Blaney – sitting at the ocean’s edge under a palm tree, frozen-fruity drink in hand, sharing seven different semi-related, often-off-kilter-and-extremely-true poignant, personal stories about becoming a person in the shadow of the sun, all woven together and accompanied by amazing live music – Nikki Kelly’s soulful vocals, kick ass accordion, and passionate ukulele – as well as a rotating multi-media collage of colorful, personal still photos and video that unfold in tandem with each story.


Sunday, June 3, 2pm (preview) Saturday, June 9, 9pm 

Thursday, June 14, 10:30pm 

Saturday, June 16, 2pm 

Thursday, June 21, 8pm

The show runs approximately 75 minutes in length. 

Appropriate for ages 16+ 


The Broadwater - 6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038 


$20 – and/or


Presented by: Building D Productions 

Live Music: Nikki Kelly

Directed By: Marjorie Lewit 

Technical Direction: Joe Trupiano


Written and Performed by Keith Blaney.

Some of my stories in F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise were written in the extra bedroom of my childhood home in Miami many years ago. Others were written more recently here in Los Angeles. Some were first performed as part of a late-night variety show called No Shame Theatre on Miami Beach a long time ago. All of them were first performed at Los Angeles’ longest storytelling forum Sit ‘N Spin, at The Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson Theatre. Several were told at Tell It, Tales from Tinseltown, Radio Picture Show, and other storytelling forums in and around Los Angeles over the last 15 years. Now, all the stories are here, conveniently all in one place at the Fringe, in, “F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise.”

Comps are available for members of the press upon request. 

Follow “F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise” on: 

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